Camille grew up in southern California, biking to the beach to surf and snowboarding in the local mountains. These two things fostered her initial connection to the natural world. Her passion blossomed after majoring in Geology at UC Santa Barbara where she began hiking and camping in the California and Nevada wilderness. Rock climbing and backpacking became prominent hobbies after moving to Seattle, WA for a Masters in Geology. After a year of road tripping and adventuring around the western US, traveling in Europe and trekking in Nepal, she worked as a Geoscientist-in-the-park in Yosemite National Park and now resides in Santa Barbara.

Photography has been a way of artistic expression for Camille from an early age. It is a means of capturing the beauty and grandeur that nature holds for her and all of humanity. She photographs unique perspectives and moments which humble her and often go unnoticed.

Indian Creek, UT