Desert Drifter

I am the desert drifter

I go where my heart desires

From the great sand dunes

To the perched plateau

To the land of sandstone spires


I’ll climb up the walls

Adrenaline pumping

Don’t fall, don’t fall

I’m searching for something


I’m free

I’m finding it

My soul is open

My thoughts are big

And soon to be spoken


I feel strong and beautiful

More than ever before

This new found freedom

Is opening doors


Good Morning Raven

I can hear it

A low drawn out caw is coming from the distance

Maybe 60 yards away


I look

11 o’clock


A 30 ft tall naked tree stands tall, alone in the desert morning


I focus in and see the raven sitting in the branches


With each caw I see him move

Bellowing out the air in his belly to make his morning salute


Greetings to the daylit world


Light on the Pine

Oh light on the pine

Filtered through the needles

Traveling through the universe

Past the orbital paths of the planets

Penetrating our gaseous atmosphere

After rising above the horizon

Above the hill behind me

You hit with a warm glow only this tree could reflect


Desert Rain

Desert rain you quench the earth


The air is different

There is no wind

But something wanders…

The earth breathes


WA to ID

From Seattle Washington to Moscow Idaho

I drove on a road I did not know.

Through mountains I flew, past the peaks and the trees,

Until open fields were all I could see.


They were lovely I’d say, those rolling green hills,

’till a strange emotion in my heart I did feel.

The feeling came after a patch of raw land,

A region untouched by mans needy hand.


There were shrubs and dirt and strong dessert plants,

Probably millions and millions of happy red ants.

But in a flash it was gone as I continued to go,

Green hills again ‘neath the suns warm glow.


Stretched to the horizon that lush color green,

But in a place, in the desert, where it shouldn’t be seen.

This unnatural beauty was unsettling, at least.

But what can we do when mankind must eat?


We plant where the sun is and bring water in

From hundreds of miles where the salmon swim.

It’s a dilemma you see, nature and man,

We must respect our resources, our nurturing land.


Or all will be gone, and none will be left

and nature will succumb to mankind's harsh threat.





Dance of the Wind

Disturbance on the lake

Sparkles of the sun reflecting back at me


The birds fly over

A different perspective



And closer to me still

The thin branches of the rooted desert tree shake and sway

It comes alive


Closer yet the foxtails

So light like earth rooted feathers

Vibrate drunkenly back and forth


And then to me

Cooling the spot on my chest

The sun has shone to warm


The dance of the wind



Trapped inside

The house

My head

I need to breathe

I need the edge


The sea

A cliff

I need to feel

Nothing morbid

Just something real.


Something big

Bigger than me

That puts life perspective

And sets me free



Raven in the canyon

Not a single flap of your wings

You soar on the movement of the heat and wind


Your shadow catches me off guard

A dark wink on the sunlit sandstone below

Like the twinkle of a glowing star



Lots of feelings

Lots of thoughts

Remember, remember

What was it I sought?


Peace, reflectance

That glassy lake

Which mimics my emotions

A transparent state


Learning and growing

I seek what I find

I find what I seek

Sometimes hiding behind


Hiding behind what I cannot see

A lake

The ocean

The reflectance of me


New things at every corner

Each bend of the branching tree

Life is beautiful

It’s caught hold of me.



Warmed by the sun

Cooled by the wind

Nature I’m yours

Forever your friend